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At Corec Ltd we recycle waste plastic into building material and sell the hardware to developers whose problem is high material cost by providing affordable and durable construction products.

These Eco-friendly building materials[Roofing Tiles, Posts, and Manhole Covers] made from recycled plastics are ideal for roofing, fencing on farms, homes, national parks, forest reserves and commercial places.

 The challenge we are addressing is to reduce the amount of waste in landfills, curb deforestation rates, and vandalism.

The solution we provide [which is unique]: are Products made using mixed post-consumer waste blended with sand. These affordable products have high quality and durability.

The impact we have is that we have prevented 800 tons of waste from landfills in the last 26 months and I20 jobs created.

Big B, Old Mombasa Road
Kyangombe, Nairobi.

Nairobi, Kenya

Mobile: +254 727 546 439/ +254 710 399 902