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Corec Plastic Fencing Posts

The Corec brand of fencing posts is suitable for fences on farms, homes, national parks & game reserves and commercial premises such as cattle ranches and tourist resorts. They can also be used as support beams for houses, cowsheds and garages. Smaller profiles can be used to make chicken houses, rabbit houses, and kernels.

Qualities of Our Plastic Fencing Posts

  • Aesthetic finish: The products have a modern finishing with unbeatable quality and appearance. Our products look fantastic and have a regular shape with a smooth finish.
  • Long lasting: Plastic fencing posts have a life expectancy of over 40 years, with minimal degradation.
  • Does not rot
  • Resistant to termites
  • Cannot be stolen for firewood
  • Easy to work with: Traditional woodworking tools such as the hammer and fencing staples can be used to install the plastic fencing posts. The products can be cut, drilled, nailed as easily as timber.

Available Sizes ( Round or Square profile)

  • 3-inch x 7 foot long
  • 4-inch x 7 foot long
  • 4-inch x 8 foot long 

Other sizes are available on demand.

The number of posts needed( approximate):

  • 1/8 acre: 39 posts
  • 1/4 acre: 51 posts
  • ½ acre: 69 posts
  • 1 acre: 94 posts
  • 2 acres: 130 posts